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A roof leak can cause a great deal of damage to a property. Even a small leak can, over time, become a big problem. Roof leaks will often cause obvious damage to ceilings but may also be causing less obvious damage to timber and structural members. As soon as you notice you have a leak, it is important to take action and call Leak Proof Plumbing Solutions, your local plumbers, to prevent any further damage.

Our Plumbing Services include

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Downpipe Repair
If downpipes are not directing rain or storm water away from the building and its foundations, it can be causing damage to the structure. The damage will get worse over time and lead to bigger problems. Leak Proof Plumbing Solutions will provide a competitive quote to thoroughly repair your leaking downpipes. Our professional plumbers have extensive experience in roof, gutter and downpipe repair and maintenance.


Gutter Repair
It’s important to ensure your gutters are cleaned annually to prevent overflow or backflow during heavy rain. Don’t hesitate to call us, if you suspect you have a gutter problem – we can do a thorough check of your roof, gutters and downpipes.


Emergency Roof Plumbing Service
We are 24-hour plumbers who operate 7 days a week. We have quick response time and will help you out in any emergency. Our emergency callouts often include sudden roof or gutter problems.
Melbourne’s weather means strong winds and storms that can often lead to unexpected roof leaks or roof collapse. We have the right equipment and experience to deal with these situations. Don’t put yourself at risk by climbing on the roof in inclement weather – give us a call.


We deal with both residential and commercial property roof leaks and repairs, and we offer affordable and competitive pricing.

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